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Atovi Nanotechnology can help our feline friend to maintain good health throughout each stage of life. If regularly given to cats, the technology can boost the body’s ability to heal itself (immune system) because Atovi works on the cellular level.  Atovi may be sprinkled on their food, or water.


Significantly reduces foul smell of poop and urine


Supports normal cardiovascular, immune and neurological function


Maintain healthy skin and huggable & healthier coat

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Enhance fertility and motility (good breeding) 

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Improves the body mass


Flushes out bacteria, parasites & toxins on the cellular level


Protects from toxins, free radicals and flushes the residues of medicine


Promotes healthy joints & joint mobility


Fast recovery from sickness, and emergency conditions


Dosage & Application

Just sprinkle 2.5 grams of Atovi to any kind of cat food every meal

To their water, mix 10 grams of Atovi for every 4 liters of water



  • For fast results on reducing the foul smell of poop and urine, give 10 grams of Atovi per meal or 10 grams of Atovi per liter of water. For kittens, 5 grams of Atovi.

  • Atovi has no “expiration” and has no “overdose”.


  • During sickness of adult cats, raise the Atovi dosage to 2 tbsp (20 g) of Atovi per meal or per liter of water, until full recovery. Go back to the former lower dosage. For kittens, raise the Atovi dosage to 1 tbsp (10 g).


  • In emergency cases, you may force feed 2 tbsp (20 g) of Atovi to your cats. This is direct application of Atovi into your pet’s mouth. Do this every 4 hours. One way to do this is by using a syringe (with no needle of course) or a medicine dropper. First, mix 20 grams of Atovi into a small amount of water. Stir well and filter, then use the syringe/dropper to siphon and directly release it into the mouth. For kittens, 5-10 grams of Atovi will do.


  • For wounds, skin diseases, itchiness, gently rub Atovi powder or patch it over wounds every day (external application). You may also spray water with Atovi  (1 tbsp Atovi per liter of water) on the affected body parts. Do this while he is taking Atovi internally.

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