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Philippines is the world’s largest producer of coconut.  The coconut tree is also called “the tree of life” because of various products and by-products one can derive from it. But coconut farmers now face a growing crisis in their livelihood because the tree is bothered by a number of insect pests like coconut mites, locust, weevil, mealy bugs, scale insects, bark borer, beetle, and many others. Coconut growers burn affected trees or spray insecticide and pesticides, hoping these will solve the problem, but to no avail.  Presently, the only hope of the coconut industry to minimize and prevent yield losses is Atovi Nanotechnology.


Minimizes and prevents yield losses


Regains strength up to the cellular level


Repairs damaged plant tissues

no insect.png

Drives away insects/pests


Increases harvest


Makes the whole cellular structure of the plant firm and thick


Increases the population of beneficial microorganisms in the soil


Promotes fast and healthy growth of plants

immune system.png

High resistance against diseases


Dosage & Application

  • During the land preparation, spray Atovi (Dilution - 1 kg of Atovi : 1 drum of water, or 5 tbsp of Atovi : 16 liters of water) on the planting hole. Application of Atovi must be done in the late afternoon for fast absorption.

  • Spray the “plants” with Atovi before planting and every week thereafter for 1 month.

  • In maintaining “Atovi care”, the plant base/root zone must be sprayed with Atovi every month.

  • In case of disease or insect pests attack, the affected tree (leaves & roots) must be sprayed with Atovi. 

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