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With an increasing local demand for organically grown coffee, the country’s coffee industry is expected to have a boost, but coffee farmers at present are beset with challenges such as low production & income, and poor quality of coffee beans because of diseases, insect pests, and poor cultural management. The common, most destructive, and hardest to control insect is the berry borer. It attacks all stages of fruit after the berries become mungo size. And the most prevalent and destructive disease of coffee is rust, also called oriental leaf disease. There are many other diseases and insect pests visiting coffee farms. To give the coffee industry a revitalizing break, farming must be done with the right technology, Atovi. This latest technology will help bring out the best-tasting high quality coffee beans in the world.


Minimizes and prevents yield losses

coffee beans.png

High quality coffee beans


Repairs damaged plant tissues

no insect.png

Drives away insects/pests

harvest coffee.png

Increases harvest


Makes the cell structure of the plant firm and thick


Increases population of beneficial microorganisms in the soil


Promotes fast and healthy growth of plants

immune system.png

High resistance against diseases


Regains strength up to the cellular level


Dosage & Application

  • During the land preparation, spray Atovi on the soil, preferably the planting hole (Dilution - 1 kg Atovi : 1 drum of water, or 5 tbsp of Atovi : 16 liters of water).

  • Spray the “seedlings” with Atovi before planting, after transplanting, and every week thereafter for 1 month. The next application would be monthly up to the 6th month.

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