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Corn ranks next to rice as our staple crop in the Philippines. Formerly, the high cost of farm inputs like seeds and fertilizer is one of the burdens of many farmers. Now, it’s the cost of pesticides and very low quality of corn produce, due to more than 20 harmful insects damaging the whole life cycle of the plants, that have been hurting farmers. Tracing back to the reason why these insects enjoy damaging the corn plant, the answer pinpoints to the problem of absorption and utilization of nutrients. This is how Atovi works on plants: it increases the population of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, drives away insects, promotes fast and healthy growth of plants, makes the whole cellular structure of the plant firm and thick, increases rows of good kernels, strengthens tolerance against diseases, and increases harvest.

corn kernels.png

Increases rows of good kernels


Regains strength up to the cellular level


Repairs damaged plant tissues

no insect.png

Drives away insects/pests

corn harvest.png

Increases harvest


Makes the whole cellular structure of the plant firm and thick


Increases the population of beneficial microorganisms in the soil

corn plant growth.png

Promotes fast and healthy growth of plants

immune system.png

High resistance against diseases


Dosage & Application

  • Corn kernels (seeds) must be soaked first in water with the technology for two and a half hours (2 ½ hrs) before sowing it (Dilution - 1 tbsp of  Atovi : 1 liter of water).  The dilution can be used many times for soaking. If there’s excess mixture (water & Atovi), it can be used to condition the soil where it will be planted. Water the planting hole with the said mixture to prevent corn maggots from eating the seeds.

  • For two (2) weeks, spray Atovi in the afternoon (preferably 5 pm) every other day (Dilution - 2 tbsp of Atovi : 1 gallon of water (4 liters), or 1 kg of Atovi : 1 drum of water).

  • After transplanting, maintain the application of Atovi every late afternoon weekly and stop two (2) weeks before harvest time, using the same dilution stated previously (Dilution - 2 tbsp of Atovi : 1 gallon of water (4 liters), or 1 kg of Atovi : 1 drum of water). This procedure will make the whole cellular structure of the plant including the corn kernels (fruit) very firm to prevent insects from damaging them.

  • For plots, be sure to cultivate the soil one (1) week before transplanting for good soil aeration.  Much better results can be achieved if manure (fecal waste) from animals already taking Atovi will be used as organic fertilizer during land preparation. If not, one can use ordinary animal manure from animals not taking Atovi but before incorporating them into the soil, spray them with Atovi every other day for one (1) week to hasten the manure decomposition and make them organic fertilizer. 

  • In any case, don’t forget to spray Atovi on the plot to energize the beneficial bacteria in the soil, exterminate harmful microorganisms and insect pests, eradicate weed seeds, and achieve the 3-week organic soil state.

  • In spraying Atovi, make sure to wet the underside of the leaves and/or water the plant base/root zone for a faster effect.

*Simple tips:  Always maintain a clean corn field, and remove stubble or any trash where insects thrive.

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