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Premium gourmet meals are incomplete without mouth-watering lobsters and crabs. And like fish and shrimp, crabs and lobsters are prone to many diseases brought by different viruses, bacteria, and parasites. The secret to successful crab and lobster culture is a strong immune system of the cultured crustaceans.


Atovi Nanotechnology strengthens the immune system of crabs and lobsters, ensuring faster recovery and combating and preventing all kinds of diseases. Finally, the results are superior meat quality, taste, and texture without a rancid smell.

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Strong immune system


Faster recovery from diseases


Combats and prevents all kinds of diseases 


Superior meat quality, taste, and texture 


No rancid smell


Dosage & Application

For Feeds

Mix 1 tablespoon of Atovi powder (10 grams) into 4 liters of water. Use a cotton cloth to filter. The filtrates may be safely fed to them. After straining the mixture, transfer it to a hand sprayer and apply to commercial feeds or any other form of meal before feeding. Do this regularly before feeding time to boost their immune system and help them grow fast.

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