Fruit Trees

Fruit production is one of those lucrative and enjoyable agricultural endeavors, yet because of insurmountable problems like low quality fruits, diseases and insect pests damaging the fruits and the trees, and high cost of inputs, fruit growers tend to stop their operations, and some will just cut down their fruit trees.​ That is why, Atovi Nanotechnology revolutionizes agriculture to once and for all stop the never-ending problems of growers, simplify fruit farming, earn more, and harvest organic fruits.

high quality fruits.png

High quality fruits

fruit harvests.png

Increases harvests


Lessen cost of inputs


Healthier, tastier, and safer produce

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Drives away insects/pests


Repairs damaged plant tissues

fruit plant growth.png

Promotes fast and healthy growth of plants

immune system.png

Strengthens tolerance against diseases


Regains strength up to the cellular level


Makes the cellular structure of the plant firm and thick


Increases population of beneficial microorganisms in the soil


Dosage & Application


  • For seedlings, spray Atovi on the growing tip or primary bud and the secondary buds to make them sprout and have more lateral branches. Apply the technology in the afternoon, preferably 5 pm (Dilution - 2 tbsp of Atovi : 1 gallon of water, or 1 kg of Atovi : 1 drum of water). 

  • Those who are used to traditional pinching of buds may apply Atovi after pinching.

  • When all the shoots harden or when the leaves become green, spray the technology again to induce more buds to sprout and form laterals (Dilution - 2 tbsp of Atovi : 1 gallon of water, or 1 kg of Atovi : 1 drum of water).

Young and Old Fruit Trees

  • To induce flowering, apply Atovi by spraying all the shoots in the afternoon using the dilution - 2 tbsp of Atovi : 1 gallon of water, or 2 kg of Atovi : 1 drum of water.  

  • When all the flowers come out, apply Atovi weekly (mist only). Dilution - 1 kg of Atovi : 1 drum of water.

  • At fruit set, Atovi is sprayed in the afternoon every other week onward (Dilution - 1 kg of Atovi : 1 drum of water). There is no harm if the whole tree is sprayed with the technology.

  • To maintain “Atovi care”, apply the technology every other week or monthly after harvest.

Grafted and Marcotted Fruit Trees

  • In grafting after cutting the scion from the mother tree, soak the other cut end in water with Atovi immediately (1 tbsp of Atovi : 1 liter of water) for 2 ½ hours.

  • Using the same dilution, also apply Atovi to the cut end of the stem where the scion will be grafted.

  • Water the grafted tree weekly in the afternoon to hasten the process (Dilution - 1 tbsp of Atovi : 1 gallon of water).

  • In marcotting, apply Atovi by spraying on the branch you marcot immediately after the bark has been removed. After you cut off the branch from the tree and before planting it in a pot, spray Atovi on the young leaves. Water the newly marcotted tree weekly in the afternoon (Dilution - 1 tbsp of Atovi : 1 gallon of water).