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How to use Atovi on Rice

Dosage and Application

Spray Atovi in the rice field after land preparation. Mix 1 kilogram of Atovi in 200 liters of water and apply the mixture in 1 hectare. Submerge or soak the seeds in 200 liters of water mixed with 1 kilogram of Atovi. Mix thoroughly to make sure that all the seeds will absorb the technology. The remaining mixture where the seeds have been soaked may be used to water the nursery or the rice field. Apply Atovi at least 3 days before applying fertilizer. If symptoms of disease are present, immediately spray Atovi using the dosage of 2 kilograms of Atovi in 200 liters of water. Spray the mixture in 1 hectare and apply fertilizer after.

5-8 kilograms of Atovi will be consumed per hectare in an entire planting season. We recommend applying Atovi at 4-8 pm.

Mag-spray ng Atovi sa bukid sa panahon ng pagsusuyod. Ubusin sa isang ektarya ang 200 liters na tubig na mayroong 1 kilong Atovi. Ibabad ang binhi sa 200 litrong tubig sa drum na mayroong 1 kilong Atovi. Ang tubig na ito na pinagbabaran ng binhi ay magagamit pa rin na pang-isprey sa punlaan araw-araw, o ipang-spray 15-20 araw makalipas ang pagsabog-tanim. Mag-apply ng Atovi at least 3 araw sa tuwing bago ang nakatakdang paglalagay ng abono. Kapag nakakita ng sintomas ng pagkakasakit ng palay ay agad mag-spray ng Atovi gamit ang dosage na: 2 kilong Atovi kada 200 litrong tubig. Ipang-isprey ito kada ektarya at pasundan ng abono. 

Makakagamit ng 5-8 kilong Atovi kada ektarya sa buong planting season. Inererekomenda mag-apply ng Atovi 4 PM - 8 PM.


  • High resistance against diseases

  • Provides sufficient vigor to the whole plant

  • Improves quality milled rice

  • Increases post-harvest yield

  • Fast growth

  • Strong immune system

  • Safe, healthy, clean, and organic produce

  • Superior eating quality as organic produce

  • Removes toxins, heavy metals, and chemical residues

  • Protected from possible damages due to extreme weather & insect pests

  • Increases absorption & utilization of all nutrients from fertilizer

  • Firm cellular structure and thick cell wall of grain

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