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Big Hope in Agriculture for Our Future

“Agriculture is dying in the Philippines.”

“The Filipino farmer is a dying breed.”

For an agricultural country, the Philippines’ agricultural industry has barely progressed and Filipino farmers belong to the poorest sectors of the country. The very foundation of the country’s food security, the producers of one of humanity’s basic needs, and the ones who feed us are unable to feed themselves and their families.

Something must clearly be done – and something is being done.

Livestock, Agri-Aqua Troubleshooters Organization or LAATO was formed to call on and unite farmers from different fields of endeavors (livestock, crops, and aquaculture), would-be farmers, and farmers-at-heart for the purpose of: exchanging constructive ideas, expertise, and experiences in troubleshooting problems in the farm, like that of management problems and diseases of animals, plants, and fish; sharing knowledge, technologies, and valuable information in animal and fish nutrition, plants and soil fertilization, cages and pond; helping fellow community members increase and improve their quality of produce; inspiring ordinary citizens and aspiring entrepreneurs to connect with the organization and be a part of the industry, broadening the domestic and international market connections; encouraging community members to offer their logistics to market the farmers’ produce; assisting farmers-producers in marketing their produce domestically and internationally (import-export) supplying the global market with world class quality, clean, and healthy food; establishing the values of trust, respect, accountability, credibility, and ethics in business practices, deals, and relationships; and supporting one another to cope with demand and gain decent promising profit to move ahead, improve the supply chain, and attain global food security.

Action to end the difficulties farmers are experiencing are long overdue. We all need to work together now more than ever, farmer or not, to support and uplift our country and the lives of our country’s farmers.

“Prosperous farmers make for a prosperous nation, and when farmers are in trouble, the nation is in trouble.” –Harry S. Truman

We invite you to join Livestock, Agri-Aqua Troubleshooters Organziation (LAATO)! All you have to do is press the button below to join:

We hope to see and hear from you there! Thank you very much!

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