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A Filipino-developed product based on nanotechnology on the level of e-potentials. It is a feed premix powder made from vitamins and minerals. However, it is radically different from conventional feed premixes in the market. It has no medication and nutritional value due to molecular alteration making the final product with one long molecular chain with revolutionary effects on the cellular level down to atom & its sub-atomic structure restoring its genetic function, genetic code, genetic and cellular structure making it very efficient so as it can absorb and utilize all medication, nutritional inputs, antibiotics, and leaving no residues on the cellular level.


For all animals, plants, and aqua

1:5 Hog Budget Feeds

1:5 Hog Budget Feeds is a new innovation in the Philippines that is meant to help backyard hog growers raise their profit! It is very affordable and can be partly mixed with commercial feeds. There is only one kind of 1:5 Hog Budget Feeds for weanlings, fatteners, boars, gilt, dry sow and lactating sow! One (1) kilo of 1:5 Hog Budget Feeds is mixed with 5 liters of water to produce 5 kilos of feeds.

It's a solution to high cost of feeds! More or less 50% savings in feed cost, while providing good nutrition!


For all swine


Nano-basemix is the latest technology and innovation in natural farming developed by Philippine Team Atovi based on e-potentials of the atomic particles designed to fill-in the nutritional deficiencies in any feed formulation, be it locally sourced materials, or commercial feeds, for profit maximization.

Nano-basemix is a must in livestock production to lower down the feed cost while significantly reducing foul odor in the animal manure.


For all animal feeds

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