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Nano-basemix for Ruminants

Fills in the nutritional deficiencies in any feed formulation
*For Ruminants: Goats, Cattles, Carabao, Sheep, Horse, Rabbit, and others.

Nano-basemix for Ruminants

Nano-basemix is the latest technology and innovation in natural farming developed by Philippine Team Atovi based on e-potentials of the atomic particles designed to fill in the nutritional deficiencies in any feed formulation, be it locally sourced materials, or commercial feeds, for profit maximization.

Nano-basemix is a must in livestock production to lower down the feed cost while significantly reducing foul odor in the animal manure.

What makes Nano-basemix different from ordinary basemixes in the market?

  • Significantly reduces the foul smell of animal manure

  • Manure can be applied directly to the soil as organic fertilizer because of eliminated ammonia

  • Can be added into commercial feed ration of other animals

  • The nutrient content of Nano-basemix, protein, and energy, is far greater than other base mixes

  • and many others!

How Nano-basemix works

Nano-basemix awaits the right message from the Krebs cycle through the cells on what kind of micro potential energy is needed, which is lacking from the feeds given to the animals. Through the electromagnetic field strength, Nano-basemix will magnetize any particles available in the animal body derived from the air, water, and other ingredients in the feeds and bind them all together to reconfigure as feed formulation.  The process is called “intermolecular interaction” or molecular bonding.  After reconfiguring the kind of energy to produce as feed formulation to stabilize everything, regeneration follows.

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