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The gastrointestinal tract of goat, cattle, carabao, and other ruminants is indispensable for their well-being. Some forms of bacteria that live in animals' stomachs help in their digestion.  In this nutrient-rich environment, microorganisms can colonize and grow, and as a result, numerous interactions or symbioses between microorganisms and the animal exist that impact the health and well-being of the host animal. Atovi Nanotechnology helps increase the population of these beneficial bacteria that kill harmful microorganisms and fight toxins and makes ruminants stronger and more resistant to many diseases, effectuated by a stronger immune system and faster cell regeneration.


Eliminates bad bacteria


More resistant to many diseases

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Stronger immune system


Tasty, tender, and juicy meat


Environment-friendly waste/Less ammonia

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Strengthens beneficial bacteria & accelerates its multiplication


Increases absorbability of inputs (nutrition & medication)


Dosage & Application

1 tbsp - 5 tbsp (10 g - 50 g) of Atovi per kg of feeds or per feeding


*Note: As much as possible, use feed concentrates.

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