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Shrimp disease outbreaks started in 1990.  The spread of diseases in shrimp aquaculture caused impacts on a scale rivaling that of many of the major diseases in livestock. Successive crop failures have led to the abandonment of affected ponds and shifts to other businesses. One of the major problems in the shrimp industry is the attack of different viruses that kills them in all stages of growth, but when Atovi Nanotechnology was introduced to farmers and shrimp operators by applying it to ponds and mixing it with feeds, shrimp became very resistant to all kinds of viral diseases, bacteria, and parasites. The technology is proven to solve problems like yellow head disease, white spot syndrome virus, taura syndrome virus, gill-associated virus, and many others.


Very resistant to all kinds of diseases, parasites, and bacteria

immune system.png

Strengthens immune system


Less cost


Healthier, safer, tastier, and more nutritious


Fast hydrogen sulfide neutralization


Faster growth


Dosage & Application

For Feeds

Mix 1 tablespoon of Atovi powder (10 grams) into 4 liters of water. Use a cotton cloth to filter. The filtrates may be safely fed to them. After straining the mixture, transfer it to a hand sprayer and apply to commercial feeds or any other form of meal before feeding. Do this regularly before feeding time to boost their immune system and help them grow fast.

For water in fish pond

For every hectare of fishpond, apply 1 kg of Atovi powder.


Mix 1 kg of Atovi into a drum of water (160-200 liters), then apply to the whole fishpond. Apply Atovi weekly at least for the first two months of culture to be ensured of good quality of water, maintenance of “dissolved oxygen” and water free from pollution, toxins, chemicals, bacteria, hydrogen sulfide, and other problems.


Atovi helps in the proliferation of algae in the fishpond, which serves as natural food for them. It is best to start applying Atovi during pond preparation before stocking.

*Note: Sea water cannot be applied with Atovi. The feeds or meal given to them can be applied with the technology.

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