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In sugarcane production, every step has to be properly timed, from planting, to fertilization, cultivation, and harvesting. Soil conditioning is also very important, but majority of sugarcane planters, especially small farmers, lack the proper technology to achieve maximum yield of good quality canes with less cost of inputs. Many farmers are not particular with choosing the right cane variety to use, nor how to improve the overall productivity. Traditionally, cane production in many parts of the Philippines has led to serious environmental degradation. Sugarcane fields are frequently burned before or after harvest, resulting in reduced soil fertility which  has led to lower cane yields, and consequently, higher application rates of fertilizers.


Good news, Atovi is the new technology for sugarcane planters. With this latest technique, the traditional way of planting is simplified, the quality of cane produce is improved, and farmers will now enjoy more profits with less input cost.  

Reduces input cost, increases profit.png

Reduces input cost, increases profit


High quality of cane produce

productivity n yield.png

Improves overall productivity and yield

immune system.png

Strengthens immune system


High resistance against diseases


Removes toxins, heavy metals, & chemical residues


Increases the population of beneficial microorganisms in the soil


Increases absorption & utilization of all nutrients

no insect.png

Protects from possible damages due to insect pests


Dosage & Application

  • Spread all the planting materials on the ground and apply Atovi by spraying on the cut ends using the dilution - 2 tbsp of Atovi for 1 liter of water before planting them. Spray Atovi in the late afternoon to be well assimilated by plants.​

  • During land preparation, spray Atovi (Dilution - 1 kg of Atovi : 1 drum of water) on the planting hole. ​

  • As the tubers grow, Atovi must be applied either through irrigation or spray. Do this every week for the first two months preferably at 5 pm.​

  • Monthly application of Atovi on the leaves or roots may be done for healthy growth of tubers.

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