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How to use 1:5 Hog Budget Feeds

Dosage and Application

Prepare 5 liters of water (5 liters = 5 kilograms). Slowly scatter or sprinkle one (1) kilogram of 1:5 Hog Budget Feeds on the water. After that, add in Atovi, Nano-basemix, and Commercial Feeds. The concoction is now ready to serve.

However, if you’re using commercial feeds that is fermented overnight, 1:5 Hog Budget Feeds may also be prepared overnight, but make sure to add Atovi powder.

Remember: For first-time users of 1:5 Hog Budget Feeds, kindly observe if your concoction is sufficient for the number of pigs. If they ask for more, then you have to add more. This will be your gauge for the next feeding days.

Sa 1 litrong tubig (1 kg) ay dahan-dahang ibudbod ang 200 gramo (20 kutsara) ng Walther’s 1:5 Hog Budget Feeds. Puwede na ito haluan ng commercial feeds, o anumang nais ipakain sa hayop, at idagdag ang Atovi at Nano-basemix. Haluin at saka ipakain na sa ating mga alaga.



  • Gestating pigs, gilts, and dry sow can be fed unrestricted with 1:5 Hog Budget Feeds without fear of gaining excess weight

  • Can be fed to maintain the live weight of fatteners while waiting for buyers without incurring so much cost for their feeds

  • Backyard hog raisers can continue with their livelihood because feed cost now is not a problem

  • In case of an emergency like a short budget, 1:5 Hog Budget Feeds can serve as filler feeds to avoid starving the animal

  • 1:5 Hog Budget Feeds can reduce feed cost by more or less 30% which is an addition to hog raisers’ profit

  • Atovi and Nano-Basemix can be added to 1:5 Hog Budget Feeds to maximize profitability and sustain good nutrition of animals

  • The high cost of commercial feeds will not be a hindrance anymore to your dreams of succeeding in life.

*Note: Veggie scraps, excess plants, and other food trash or leftovers may be served as “snacks” to your pigs to further lower the feed cost. Boil them before feeding them to your animals.

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