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How to use Atovi on Aqua

Dosage and Application

For every hectare of fishpond, apply 1 kilogram of Atovi weekly. At fingerlings stage, apply Atovi in the pond or tank water.. Once it reaches the juvenile and adult stage, apply 1 tablespoon (10 grams) of Atovi in every bucket of feeds.

Maglagay ng 1 kilong Atovi sa bawat ektarya ng pond. Maglagay ng Atovi weekly sa pond water. Kung semilya pa lang, pond/tank water ang lalagyan ng Atovi. Pagsapit sa gulang na juvenile at adult stage ay maglalagay na rin ng Atovi sa feeds o sa anumang ipinapakain, sa dosage na 1 kutsarang Atovi (10 gramo) sa bawat timba na pagkain.


  • Strong immune system

  • Faster recovery from diseases

  • Combats and prevents all kinds of diseases

  • Superior meat quality, taste, and texture

  • No rancid smell

  • Significantly reduces fishkill/mortality

  • Fast hydrogen sulfide neutralization

  • Strong resistance against extreme temperatures, diseases, parasites, and bacteria

  • Flushes out heavy metals on the cellular level

  • Provides life support in long-distance transportation

  • Faster growth

  • Healthier, safer, tastier, and more nutritious

  • Free from traces of hormone and heavy metals

  • Maintained safe water quality

  • Higher livability

  • Healthier, safer, and tastier

  • Higher production

  • ​Maintains sufficient dissolved oxygen supply

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