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How to use Atovi on Layers

Dosage and Application

Mix 1 tablespoon (10 grams) of Atovi in 4 liters of water or ½ teaspoon (2.5 grams) of Atovi per liter of water.

Ihalo ang 1 kutsarang Atovi (10 gramo) kada 4 litrong tubig o 1/2 kutsaritang Atovi (2.5 gramo) kada 1 litrong tubig.


  • Bigger eggs with thick shells

  • Fast growing period

  • Less feed cost

  • No rancid smell

  • Productive years never go down from 3 years given proper nutrition

  • Uninterrupted egg production even during the molting period

  • Eggs are tastier, safer, and has good cholesterol

  • Improves feed conversion or feed intake

  • High resistance against diseases

  • More harvests per year

  • Better absorption of nutrition and medication input leaving no chemical and antibiotic residue

  • Less farm operational expenses

  • The manure are instant fertilizer

  • Environment-friendly waste/less ammonia

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