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A Guide to Starting Your Own Small Itik Duck Farm (Poultry Style)

How to start your own small poultry style Itik duck farm (Maliit na Itikan, ating simulan) was the topic for a webinar series by Team Atovi on Farmers Talk Forum.

(Farmers Talk Forum is a free webinar hosted on Zoom and Facebook Live on Atovi Nanotechnology's Facebook Page every Saturday at 8:30 to 9:30 am. The webinar was made to help farmers, and those who would like to engage in farming, whether because it's their passion or their livelihood that in the future may turn into their business. The purpose of Farmers Talk Forum is also to guide people in farming in a more practical way that will help them produce safe and healthy food and at the same time provide them with a good source of income.)

The Itik webinar series covered:


  • Duck Breeds (Egg-type and Meat-type)

  • How to start a duck farm using ducklings or seho

  • How start a duck farm using Ready-to-lay or dumalaga

  • Housing (Traditional and Poultry Style)


  • Nutrition and Feeding Guide

  • Management


  • Biosecurity

  • Mortality Management

  • Waste Management

  • Record Keeping

  • Marketing Strategies for Duck Eggs

  • Marketing Channels

  • Egg Management


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